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Introduction and presentation

EasyChem is a program designed to draw chemical molecules, written under Linux and using Gtk+ 2. This Web page is here to help people getting the latest version, and getting some help (hopefully coming soon).


Here are some screenshots of EasyChem in action:

EasyChem at work PostScript export

Downloading EasyChem

There are three ways to download EasyChem:

Why using EasyChem?

I've been using some Linux tools to draw chemical structures (chemtool, xdrawchem, etc.) for some time, but was never satisfied of the result. Then, I wrote part of a book about chemistry (exam solutions, published and sold in France). The only tool able to draw press-quality molecules was... xfig, with a good library! To solve this problem (since I will write again next year), I decided to develop my own software: EasyChem.

The problem I see in all existing programs is: they intend to be easy to use at first try, kind of a quick-and-dirty approach. EasyChem would be a bit difficult to learn, but when you master it, you can be very fast, and with a huge precision. In fact, it's just like a specialized vectorial drawing tool. The main features I am interested in are:

If you have comments or suggestions about my goals, you can send me a mail: . I will be glad to discuss with you!

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